Our energy mix

Energy means better lives for New Zealanders. It creates jobs, keeps our homes warm and nourishes our families.

In New Zealand we are fortunate to have renewable energy sources providing most of our electricity (around 82%) and around 40% of our total primary energy. This includes geothermal, hydro and wind.

The other 60% of our energy comes from oil (32%), natural gas (21%) and a small amount of coal.*

Natural gas is piped throughout the North Island to homes and businesses. The South Island does not have a piped connection but bottled LPG is widely used.

In total, there are around 400,000 users of natural gas and LPG in New Zealand.

Nearly all of the oil produced in New Zealand is exported overseas. Our oil is considered high quality and has 20% less emissions than the global average.*  

There are now over 20 producing oil and gas fields in New Zealand, all of them based in Taranaki.

You can find out more about New Zealand’s energy mix at our educational website www.energymix.co.nz.



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*Sources: Energy figures from the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment: Energy in New Zealand 2021 (MBIE). 

20% emissions for oil - New Zealand Oil and Gas (www.nzog.com/news/new-zealand-industry-leaders-address/).  


New Zealand's Energy Mix New Zealand's Energy Mix

New Zealand's Energy Mix

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