Energy Resources Aotearoa

Times are changing. So are we.

Our people help New Zealanders travel to work, earn a living, keep our homes warm and nourish our families.

At the same time, we are changing in how we use energy and reduce carbon.

That's why we stand for balance: a mix of affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. Balance works for everyone.

We are determined to be a part of the solution and help lead the way, for the good of all New Zealanders. That’s why our new name is Energy Resources Aotearoa.

You can read more about our change in this brochure.

Powering a better New Zealand together

Energy Resources Aotearoa represents energy resources people, from explorers and producers to users of natural resources like oil, LPG, and natural gas.

Our mission is to create a successful and sustainable energy resources sector that makes New Zealand a better place, through and beyond the transition to lower emissions.

New Zealand's Energy Mix New Zealand's Energy Mix

New Zealand's Energy Mix

Energy Resources Aotearoa is proud to run, a website providing accessible and easy to understand information on New Zealand’s oil and gas sector.

of New Zealand’s energy
comes natural gas and oil

jobs provided
creating 7x average value per job

$2.4 billion
to New Zealand
annual gross domestic product

$650 m
in royalties
and taxes from oil & gas