Industry welcomes independent inquiry into hydraulic fracturing

Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing a good opportunity to dispel mistruths

Petroleum Exploration and Production Association CEO David Robinson has welcomed the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s Inquiry into hydraulic fracturing.
“This inquiry gives those in the oil and gas industry a chance to put the facts on the table about hydraulic fracturing, David Robinson said.

“As an industry we have nothing to hide and everything to gain from participating in an open and honest dialogue with all interested parties.

“The practice of hydraulic fracturing has occurred in oil and natural gas reservoirs in Taranaki since 1993 in 28 wells. In that time there have been no incidents of drinking water contamination, land contamination or earthquakes linked to hydraulic fracturing.

“We are confident that this inquiry will dispel misinformation about the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing and will show what great lengths the industry goes to ensure the practice is done safely with proper precaution taken.

“The oil and gas Industry plays a significant in role in growing New Zealand’s economy.

“Every year, the oil and gas industry in New Zealand generates $3 billion in revenue and creates more than 7000 jobs nationwide.

“Petroleum was New Zealand’s 4th biggest export earner in 2010. With careful planning and management, this figure can quadruple to $12 billion. The use of hydraulic fracturing is part of that careful management, enabling oil and gas companies to extract gas in a more efficient way than ever before.

“The industry looks forward to cooperating and positively supporting the Commissioner’s Inquiry and welcomes the opportunity to discuss hydraulic fracturing in a positive way which we believe is in the best interests of all New Zealanders,” David Robinson said.

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