Campaign for continued gas and oil exploration takes to TV

Energy Voices is launching new television advertisements tomorrow, escalating the highly successful, social media driven campaign against the end to new oil and natural gas exploration permits.

“The advertising brings the issue into New Zealanders’ homes and spell out the real consequences for them,” says Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) CEO Cameron Madgwick.

The first advertisement will feature on TVNZ 1 on Monday night around 9:40pm.

PEPANZ started the Energy Voices campaign to highlight the economic and environmental damage from the Government’s ban on new oil and gas exploration.

“We’ve had such strong feedback and support, that it is clear this issue is not going away.

“The rushed decision will have significant impacts for future living costs, New Zealand’s economic prosperity, and our energy security.

“We’ve found that a lot of people want the Government to take a deep breath and really look at the implications of the decision.

“Last year New Zealanders saw sky-high wholesale electricity prices as a result of low water levels in the hydro-lakes combined with a gas shortage in the North Island.  That was a short-term example of what running out of natural gas will do to the cost of living.

“Advice from the government’s own officials was that the ban could increase New Zealand’s carbon emissions. The five year high for imported coal showed what will happen, if we can't find new natural gas reserves.”

“We hope that the Government listens to the voices of many New Zealanders who are calling for a re-think.”

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