Emissions plan welcomed but too heavy-handed

The Government’s draft strategy on reducing emissions has been welcomed by Energy Resources Aotearoa, but with concerns it proposes a more difficult, complex and painful path than necessary.

“The energy sector supports reducing our net emissions in the least painful and costly way, because it will be a difficult transition for New Zealand and the world,” says chief executive John Carnegie.

“Some of the ideas for consideration are far too prescriptive, like reducing the kilometres travelled by car and banning new gas connections.

“There is no real need for these given we have an ETS putting a price on emissions so that people and businesses can decide for themselves the best ways to reduce emissions.

“A simple approach is always better than a multitude of plans, inquiries, reports and strategies.

“The consequences of misguided policies are very real as the world is facing an energy crisis due to under-investment in affordable and reliable fuels like natural gas. New Zealand is also facing high electricity and gas prices which are causing serious pain and slowing the transition.

“An Energy Accord between Government and industry would be an excellent vehicle to start tackling these challenges together.”