Educational campaign highlighting importance of natural gas

An educational campaign on the importance of natural gas to New Zealand’s economic recovery has been re-launched by the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ).

The ‘Energy Voices’ social media campaign is aimed at a general audience and highlights the benefits of producing our local energy here in New Zealand, rather than relying on imports.

“This campaign is about telling the story of our industry and how we benefit New Zealand,” says PEPANZ Chief Executive John Carnegie.

“Natural gas is important to our daily lives and plays a crucial role as a transition fuel helping lower emissions. 

“Many New Zealanders take the energy provided by natural gas for granted. By using social media we can reach a wide audience with simple graphics and videos, helping explain the importance of affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

“Natural gas helps power our homes, schools, hospitals and industries. It is crucial to so many of our export industries like food producers, helping generate jobs at a time when they are desperately needed.”

The campaign is educational and non-political, based around Facebook, Twitter and a website.