Industry wants best possible regulation

“PEPANZ welcomes the report released by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment on the environmental impacts arising from the growth of the oil and gas industry in New Zealand,” PEPANZ spokesperson Janet Carson said today.

“The Parliamentary Commissioner’s first report into the effects of hydraulic fracturing found that the practice can be undertaken safely in New Zealand, if best practices are implemented and enforced with regulation.

“The second and final report focuses on the laws, agencies and processes that regulate oil and gas exploration, including hydraulic fracturing.

“Getting regulation right is important to us and to New Zealanders and we support looking at how it can be strengthened.

 “The report makes recommendations around well location and integrity, the possibility of leaks or spills, and waste disposal. Although current practices are of a high standard, we want to reassure communities that, as the industry grows, the right checks and balances are in place to ensure we are ahead of the game in protecting our workers and the environment.

“The oil and gas industry prides itself on operating to world class standards and maintaining our strong health and safety record, but we are always looking to improve our performance.

“We are serious about environmental safeguards, health and safety and robust regulations – so is the PCE. We look forward to further discussions about working together with the regulators and our communities to continuously improve the way our sector operates,” Janet Carson said.