Public opinion

Industry Reputation Survey November 2020

We conduct occasional public opinion surveys to measure the public's knowledge and view towards the wider energy sector.  

2020 Summary

*About a quarter (24%) of respondents had a favourable opinion of the oil and gas industry; the highest on records since March 2016. Just 16% had an unfavourable view.

*From a range of benefits of the oil and gas industry the most agreed with (68% agreed) was that it was better to produce natural gas here rather than import it. This was an increase of 3% from last year.

*The major reason for respondents having a favourable view of the oil and gas industry was that it provided an essential resource (28%, down 2% from December 2019).

*Most respondents who had an unfavourable view of the industry cited its effect on the environment as their reason (50%, down 2% from December 2019).