New members strengthen net zero advocacy

Energy Resources Aotearoa is proud to announce two exciting new members that will help strengthen its advocacy for innovative technologies and market-led solutions to power the transition to a net zero emissions economy.

8 Rivers Capital, a firm specialising in clean energy, clean fuels and carbon capture technologies, has joined Energy Resources Aotearoa. The company has proven success overseas and sees potential in New Zealand for low-emissions energy projects and carbon capture.

Aotearoa Energy is a boutique brokerage that provides innovative services across the gas and electricity markets, including facilitating trades in New Zealand Units under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Energy Resources Aotearoa Chief Executive John Carnegie says:

"We are extremely excited to have both 8 Rivers and Aotearoa Energy as new members of Energy Resources Aotearoa. The addition of these two innovators helps further strengthen our collective voice for the uptake of low-emissions technologies and market-based solutions to get New Zealand to net zero emissions."

Daniel Skipper, Director, Aotearoa Energy says:

"As New Zealand continues to move toward the goal a sustainable energy future, innovative ideas and technology bring new challenges and new risks to energy security. Energy Resources Aotearoa provides a pragmatic voice which recognises that existing fuels such as gas, alongside renewables, will play a vital role in a sustainable future, as well as the increasing requirement for managing the risks associated with it."

Murray Gribben, Business Development at 8 Rivers says:

"Around the world, governments are actively looking for energy transition solutions at scale and speed. Energy Resources’ advocacy for low emissions fuels and technologies such as hydrogen and carbon capture aligns with our own ability to deliver sustainable infrastructure technologies in power and clean fuel production."

Carnegie says the new members also showcase the ongoing transformation of Energy Resources Aotearoa.

"Energy is changing, and as an organisation we have been changing too. Once upon a time we represented just one important subgroup of the energy sector. Now we are proud to represent it in its entirety - from producers of energy resources through to electricity generators, energy distributors, technology providers, producers of refined products, and energy market service providers."

"The energy sector is increasingly integrated, and across the value chain there is a great emphasis on reducing emissions.

"We are proud to be joined by two more innovative companies that will play important roles in facilitating New Zealand’s transition to net zero emissions."