New Zealand Petroleum Summit 2012 launches into its first day

“This summit is a chance for industry participants from here in New Zealand, and across the globe, to meet face to face, share experiences, opinions, technical knowledge and processes. It’s an opportunity to ensure all we do, and all we aspire to do is based on international best practice and what is best for New Zealand,” David Robinson, CEO of the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association NZ.

PEPANZ and Freeman Media have come together to organise this year’s Petroleum Summit, a two day event were over 300 industry delegates will meet to discuss new technologies, legislation and regulation, skills, equipment and infrastructure challenges.

“This summit does not shy away from discussing challenging topics like community and iwi engagement, oil spill response or learning’s and causes of major incidents.

“We want to lead the world in innovative oil and gas technologies, safe and robust processes, energy security and skills development without compromising our environment or health and safety. Our communities must come on the journey with us. Our panels on community engagement are an important part of making sure we are doing our best to engage with Kiwis across the country.

“This is a crucial turning point in the further development of the oil and gas sector, and we welcome the chance to hear the opinions and professional advice from Industry and Government leaders, local government and community engagement specialists as well as international experts.

“This summit will help grow the partnership between industry, communities and government so together we can build a legislative and regulatory framework that will entice investors, operate in a way that protects the environment without hindering business, work with New Zealanders to get Kiwis backing industry growth, and hopefully along the way we will find some oil and grow government revenue, create jobs where they are needed, bring some of our best and brightest home and build a prosperous country every Kiwi can be proud of,” Mr Robinson said today.

The Summit is taking place 19-20 September at the Amora Hotel in Wellington. 

Contact: Deborah Mahuta-Coyle 021 226 9872