MBIE data shows why we need more gas

The latest data release from MBIE, which details a drop in renewable electricity generation in the September quarter, and 47 percent increase in the use of natural gas for electricity, shows why New Zealand must resume gas exploration and introduce further pro-investment changes.

Energy Resources Aotearoa Chief Executive John Carnegie says:

"Renewable electricity has been and will continue to be underwritten by fossil fuels. It’s up to us whether that is higher emissions coal or lower-emissions natural gas.

"Resuming exploration for more natural gas needs to be a top priority of this Government. Without this important domestically produced natural resource, New Zealand would have had to burn more coal or spend time in the dark during the September quarter.

"New Zealand’s low emissions future, our energy security, and our ongoing electrification unequivocally rely upon natural gas. The sooner politicians from all sides of politics recognise this, the better for us all."