New well developments add to New Zealand’s energy mix

Beach Energy’s plan for a potential development well at Kupe would make an important contribution to New Zealand’s energy mix, says Energy Resources Aotearoa.

Energy Resources Aotearoa Chief Executive John Carnegie says:

"Beach Energy’s plan for potential development of the Kupe gas field is fantastic news. Not only would it be a welcome boost to New Zealand’s economy, it would also create more jobs and a greater supply of reliable, low-carbon natural gas."

"It is exciting to see Beach Energy planning for further development at Kupe. This announcement, combined with OMV’s ongoing investment in the Maui field and planned appraisal drilling of Toutouwai, will be welcome news for our major export businesses and households that depend upon an affordable and reliable supply of natural gas.

"Despite some regulatory challenges in the energy sector, one thing is clear: there is and will continue to be demand for low-emission natural gas to power our economy and our transition.

"Natural gas has a low carbon profile, is not reliant upon weather like renewables, and is easily transportable. It is the perfect fuel to power New Zealand’s low-carbon transition by supporting and underpinning renewable electricity."