Greenpeace actions ignorant grandstanding

The Greenpeace climb of the Majestic Tower in Wellington is ignorant grandstanding says the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ).

“New Zealand needs new sources of natural gas to keep electricity prices down and help decarbonise the economy,” says PEPANZ CEO Cameron Madgwick.

“If Greenpeace bothered to read the Interim Climate Change Committee’s report last week they would know how important natural gas is for supporting renewable electricity, and in doing so encouraging sectors like transport to lower emissions by switching to electricity.

“Greenpeace should be supporting exploration for natural gas given how it is helping replace coal and lower emissions all around the world. New Zealand could play a part in these global efforts by producing lower-emitting natural gas.

“It’s especially important given New Zealand has just eleven years of reserves left. We need natural gas to cook our food, heat our homes and power the businesses that employ so many people.

“Disrupting the public and wasting police time with dangerous stunts doesn’t help anyone. We recommend they climb down and start listening to proper climate change experts.”