What we do (and why)

Our mission is to create a successful and sustainable energy resources sector that makes New Zealand a better place, through and beyond the transition to lower emissions.

We’re leading a conversation about balance in the energy mix: affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

In doing this we’re looking at the future of the energy resources sector as a whole, including locally-produced natural gas and oil, as well as other fuels and users.

We support the transition to lower emissions and want to play our part. Affordable and reliable energy will be essential during this transition to a more sustainable world.

We’ll achieve this through:

  • Influence – being a valued, proactive and respected voice in policy development.
  • Educate - developing the skills needed by the energy industry.
  • Collaborate – working with others for mutual benefit.
  • Excellence – well run, high integrity and providing exemplary support for our members.

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