Firstgas decarbonisation plan shows transition in action

Firstgas’s plan to decarbonise its gas network in New Zealand has been welcomed by Energy Resources Aotearoa.

“This is a great example of the energy resources sector leading the transition to lower emissions, and the importance of retaining and supporting the country's gas infrastructure,” says Energy Resources’ chief executive John Carnegie.

 “It is a perfect demonstration of how the ETS works. By putting a price on emissions, it encourages industries to develop new technological innovations like this.

“It clearly shows why we don’t need hands-on Government interventions like bans, and in fact how destructive they can be.

 “The Climate Change Commission’s proposed ban on new gas connections from 2025 would undermine this plan, given Firstgas intends to use the existing gas infrastructure for blended gas from 2030 onwards before switching to 100% hydrogen by 2050.

 “Keeping our options open rather than closing them off will help the transition be much less costly and inconvenient for New Zealanders.”