Blocks offer 2012 brings with it potential for economic growth

Petroleum Exploration and Production Association CEO, David Robinson, today welcomed the announcement of the 2012 Blocks offer.

“Today’s announcement of the 2012 Blocks offer is an exciting opportunity for New Zealand.  This announcement signals growth of the oil and gas industry, the potential to give New Zealand’s economy a much needed boost and create more jobs on the ground for Kiwi workers”

“The Blocks offer today is really just the start of a process to establish whether these blocks have any oil and gas reserves. Production from a successful discovery will be at least 7 years away for offshore permits. 

“Any company winning one of these blocks will be required to operate to the highest standards of health and safety.  We only welcome quality operators to New Zealand. It is very important to the industry that New Zealand’s pristine environment is safeguarded and that our workers go home to their families at the end of the working day.

“The 2012 Blocks offer has been a real success, with over $700 million dollars to be invested in New Zealand over the next 5 years as a result.

“At a time when far too many young New Zealanders are leaving our shores for Australia, we hope the growth of the oil and gas industry will give them a reason to stay or come home.

“The oil and gas industry is already New Zealand’s fourth largest exporter and employs over 7000 people nationwide. Today’s announcement could see a real increase to the contribution the industry makes to our country.

“Although this process has brought about a great result for New Zealand – as an industry we know we still have work to do to build successful relationships with Kiwi communities new to the oil and gas sector.  As an industry we are committed to being open and transparent about what we do.

“Congratulations to all the successful companies in this year’s Blocks offer. This is an exciting time for the oil and gas industry and we look forward to working with the Government to ensure that Blocks Offer 2013 is just as successful”, David Robinson said.